Wednesday, August 02, 2006

RJD2 - Waterloo Park - Sept. 3, 2006

Remember the Cut Chemist show?!? The same crew (Alamo Drafthouse, Emo's, and AT&T) are throwing another free show at Waterloo Park with RJD2 on Sept 3rd!

Ever live without A/C in this hot Texas sun?!? I have... the A/C guys coming tomorrow morning... but let me tell you what I've learned... NO matter how many clothes you take off, it's never enough... I've even resorted to shaving... if you know what I mean. ;) ooo... I wished I used shaving cream.

More info:

RJD2 originally began his career in Columbus, Ohio, DJing in 1993 with a pair of turntables bought from a friend. He claims his name originates from a friend who referenced him as "RJD2" in his raps, and the name stuck.[1] Originally working the role of DJ in the Columbus rap group MHz, he later signed to Bobbito Garcia's Fondle 'Em label, releasing the self-proclaimed "mix CD" Your Face or Your Kneecaps. A year later he signed to rapper/producer El-P's label Definitive Jux, where he released his solo debut Deadringer. In 2002 RJD2 collaborated with Columbus rapper Blueprint under the name Soul Position, releasing Unlimited EP, and 8 Million Stories in 2003. He released his second solo album Since We Last Spoke on Definitive Jux in 2004 and released Soul Position's third album Things Go Better With RJ and Al in 2006. He still continues to produce tracks, working with many independent rappers, such as Copywrite, Cunninlynguists, MF Doom, Diverse and Aceyalone. Recently he contributed a cover of "Airbag" by Radiohead for the 2006 album "Exit Music".

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