Sunday, August 27, 2006

Gnarls Barkley - Stubb's - September 13, 2006

UPDATE: Here's some more details on how to get tix.

GNARLS BARKLEY! Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a Gnarls Barkley fanatic! So this is just great news to me!

So the short of it is Gnarls Barkley coming to Stubb's on Sept. 13th for a free show!

Now here's the hard part... getting tix... this from Stubb's website:

If you've been hearing that Gnarls Barkley is going to be playing a FREE show at Stubb's on September 13th, you're not crazy. AT&T is presenting a special show with only 1,500 tickets available. So get ready Austin because starting Wednesday, August 30th, AT&T will be giving out Gnarls Barkley tickets in the Downtown Austin area!

So someone cop me a ticket!

Everyone check out Planet Rock Party last night? As always... props to Romeo for throwing another awesome party.

More info:

Gnarls Barkley is a collaboration between Baltimore-based DJ and producer Danger Mouse (Brian Burton) and rapper/singer Cee-Lo (Thomas Callaway), from Atlanta who now resides in Baltimore. Their first album, St. Elsewhere, was released by Warner Music on April 24, 2006 in the UK and on May 9 in the US by Atlantic/Downtown Records. It was made available for download one week earlier in the U.S. iTunes Music Store and other online download stores.

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