Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Gathering - Emo's Lounge - August 17, 2006

You've thought about going to The Gathering... maybe even throwin' it down during the open mic sessions... well come on out this Thursday, Aug. 17th for the Smoke Jumpers CD release show. Performing will be the Smoke Jumpers, Dubb Sicks, and as always DJ Notion!

Well finally got my A/C fixed... I would definitely recommend MTech over Fox... anyways... I learned a valuable lesson... all a man needs to be happy is cool air blowing across his nuts...

More info:

Enter the Smoke Jumpers, a collective of sound-bending artists immersed in the underground hip-hop scene. With members from Texas and California, and a wild variance of styles, the Smoke Jumpers have spent many sweat soaked hours in garages, closets, and even Motel 6s honing their own new sector of the soundscape they refer to as garage rap. A sound that can loosely be described as a concoction of down-south/third-coast and west-coast indie rhythms, layered with a lyrical framework that fuses the word-play of artists like The D.O.C., Wu-Tang Clan, and The Living Legends. Add in a little rock-n-roll edge and energy, and you have the foundations of garage rap. Members include WildCard and Mr. Roboto (Jag), formally of Austins pioneering Arctectonics crew, now stationed out of Austin, TX and Davis, CA respectively.

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