Monday, August 21, 2006

Planet Rock Party - Tambaleo - August 26, 2006

This is what you'll be droolin' all week for... itchin' for the weekend to come just to be able to pull that scab off... our boys Romeo and Santos and B-Boy City will be throwin' it down @ Tambaleo this Saturday Aug. 26th.

It's all in conjunction with the Austin Graffiti Art show at Gallery Lombardi mentioned earlier. First check out the show... then just walk over and get your crunk on at Tambaleo.

It's a Puma vs. Adidas party... which one are you?!?

Ernesto... I don't care what the f*ck you say... we're goin' to this one... sick or whatever... get the f*ck better boi! And your first drink's on me man! ;)

Check out the latest installment of "Downtown" on KLRU featuring BBoy City.

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