Sunday, June 11, 2006

The State of Texas Hip-Hop - Antone's - June 16, 2006

The State of Texas Hip-Hop, it's like having the Mavs, Spurs, and Rockets playing in their own tournament, we got Mr. Blakes (Austin), D.O.S. (Austin), PPT (Dallas), Steve Austin (Dallas), V-Zilla (Houston), and Vehicular (Austin) at the venerable Antone's this Friday, June 16th!

More info:

V-Zilla - There is no other way to describe "V-Zilla" except to say that he's a MONSTER. With 3 full-length underground releases under his belt, Overseas tours and an impressive list of show openers ranging from Atmosphere to Xzibit, this H-Town native is on course to finally break through the surface with his forthcoming release entitled "Interview With A Monster" and gain some much needed recognition from the City of Syrup.

Steve Austin - Steve Austin the Bioniq MC is a Louisiana born and bred Dallas-based rapper known for his undeniably precise, versatile lyrical flow laced atop the attention-grabbing, body-moving beats and hooks that have become just two of his trademarks. Standing tall at 6'5½", the toned, stylish Austin is as readily distinguishable in person as he is on a verse.

PPT - P.P.T.=Fun - it's as simple as that. The local hip-hop supergroup combines the talents of well known DFW artists Pikahsso, Picnic, and Tahiti. While each of these musicians continues to pursue solo projects, P.P.T. allows them to combine forces in an effort to have a blast with their music while simultaneously raising the level of craziness around the Metroplex.

Mr. Blakes - Webster defines wordsmith in the form of a noun as a person who works with words; especially a skillful writer. Defined by those who write professionally as journalists, authors, newscasters or spin doctors - it is very much a verb. They wordsmith documents, speeches, quotes and letters. Many times this action involves finding more powerful, meaningful words that paint a picture and more clearly deliver a message.

Vehicular - Vehicular can be best characterized as a solid mix of the versatility of the Neptune's, the party vibe of Run DMC, and the humor of Digital Underground. Combining music that draws on a steady diet of bass-heavy beats, polished production savvy, and lyrics that spring effortlessly between the insightful and the absurd, Vehicular is clearly willing and able to expand their listeners understanding of what hip hop is and can be.

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