Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Streets - La Zona Rosa - June 16, 2006

Down with some Brit hip-hop? Like M.I.A.? Ahhh... she's hot in sooo many ways! I can't even begin to tell you... well ok... for one... she's Indian... well actually Sri Lankan... but I like to think she's Indian cuz I simply love Indian girls! OK cold shower... :)

Alright! So on June 16th The Streets and Lady Sovereign are coming to La Zona Rosa! Should be a good show!

More info:

He has been compared to Eminem, lauded as the voice of Blair's Britain and the Mercury Music Prize nomination is a heady accolade for one so young.

The fact he is ranked alongside some of the UK's freshest acts, including Ms Dynamite, The Coral and The Bees, and one of the country's few truly unique talents in David Bowie, is likely to add to the legend of the boy from Birmingham.

At the age of five the boy wonder had apparently been "fiddling with keyboards", later building his own sound booth out of a cupboard and an old mattress and turning his bedroom into "rap central".

His early teen efforts, influenced by De La Soul and the Beastie Boys, were American-centric copies of hip-hop records.

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