Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ismlessness - Gallery Lombardi - June 29, 2006

I don't know about the art for this show... maybe I'm not booshie enough... but the music definitely hits the spot! Gallery Lombardi is featuring an art show "Ismlessness" by artists Conrad Kofron and Vincent Martinez. Couldn't find much info on these artists, 'cept from the Austin Chronicle... "features the works of Pratt-educated pop artist Conrad Kofron and expressionist Vincent Martinez." You would think if you were going to hype up some artists you would give some info about them to get peeps excited... but that's prob what it means to be in the "know". Buuuut... there will be some great live music! It's a 3 day event... here's the line up:

Opening: June 29th, 7pm
live music by:
Fambly, Sigma Prime, Mugsy Flows & Soundonor

Special Event: Sat. July 1st, 7pm
live music by:
Prom Night, Sigma Prime, Mugsy Flows & Soundonor

USA DAY: Tues. July 4th, 7pm
live music by:
Word Association, Dr. Nuckstable, Fambly

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