Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Cut Chemist - Waterloo Park - July 8, 2006

You know how every new movie that comes out they say "It's the movie of the year!"... well I'll employ the same shenanigans here... It's the show of the year! Honestly, this will be an awesome show! Alamo Drafthouse and AT&T are throwin' the free show at Waterloo Park with Cut Chemist, DJ Mel and DJ Nick Nack on July 8th! Find more info at Emo's. They mention some bullshit like no dogs, chairs or outside food or beverages allowed in... but they didn't mention the green stuff... :)

More info:

Cut Chemist is the performing name of Lucas Macfadden, a solo turntablist. He is a former member of the funk Latin band Ozomatli, and of the underground rap group Jurassic 5. He became known through the Los Angeles-based rap group Unity Committee, and debuted on vinyl on the B-Side of Unity Committee's 1993 single, Unified Rebelution. The track, "Lesson 4: The Radio" was an ovation of Double Dee and Steinski's seminal hip-hop masterpieces, "Lessons 1-3."

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