Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Wet T-Shirt: Big Dirty's B-Day - Dirty Dog Bar - October 11, 2008

From the it's all good department... Wet T-Shirt Contest: Big Dirty's B-Day @ Dirty Dog Bar this Sat., Oct. 11th! Yeah it's all good! I don't even care who's performing!

If you know someone who wants to win some easy money... call Big Jumbo @ 512.786.0396 to enter the Wet T-Shirt Contest!

Actually why don't you just send me your wet t-shirt picture. ;)

More info:

A wet T-shirt contest is an exhibitionistic beauty contest that typically features young women performing at a nightclub, bar, or resort. They have traditionally been a staple of college spring break celebrations at locations such as Daytona Beach and Cancún.

At the outset of a wet T-shirt contest, participants generally wear white or lightly colored T-shirts, usually without brassieres or other garments beneath. Water is then sprayed or poured onto the contestants' chests to make their T-shirts turn translucent and cling to their breasts. Contestants may take turns to dance or pose before the audience, with the outcome decided either by crowd reaction or by the opinion of judges.

In more risqué contests, participants may tear or crop their T-shirts to expose midriffs, cleavage, or the undersides of their breasts; may go topless or even fully nude; or may kiss and fondle each other in displays of simulated lesbianism. These contests are sometimes filmed and distributed as a form of softcore pornography.

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