Thursday, October 16, 2008

M.O.P. - Flamingo Cantina - October 19, 2008

From the Joe the Plumber department... If you're seeing your retirement disappear like the diarrhea covered toilet paper flushed down the toilet, go see a free show by the recession proof Scion! M.O.P. @ Flamingo Cantina on Oct. 19th with Connie Price & the Keystones, Percee P and DJ Haul!


Man how many times did McCain blink last night?!?

More info:

M.O.P., short for Mash-Out Posse, is an African-American hardcore hip hop duo. The duo, comprising Billy Danzenie and Lil' Fame, are known for their angry, aggressive delivery. Although they maintain a strong underground following, they had some minor mainstream success in the early 2000s with the songs "Ante Up" and "Cold As Ice". The group has frequently collaborated with DJ Premier. Fame sometimes goes under the production moniker Fizzy Womack, and has produced on several M.O.P. releases as well as three AZ albums, Cormega's Who Am I?, Termanology's Da Cameo King, Big Noyd's Illustrious and the St. Da Squad mixtape.

As childhood friends, Bill Danze and Lil' Fame grew up together in a rough section of Brooklyn known as Brownsville and were members of a neighborhood gang named Mash Out Posse headed by Fame's older brother, Big Mal. With a desire to express themselves through rap, they formed a group named after their gang. Originally, Fame was the DJ of the group. With encouragement from Big Mal, Fame began to write his own rhymes.

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