Sunday, April 13, 2008

Prince Paul - Mohawk - April 19, 2008

From the getting the taxes done late department.. Thanks to Richard for the show details! Prince Paul @ Mohawk on April 19th with Crew54, P-Nyce, Stretch, and richardhenry! Tickets are $10 and you can get them here!


I just learned something goofy from my brother this weekend. Ever been Rick Rolled?!? Whoever came up with that had one sick sense of humor!

More info:

Prince Paul is the stage name of Paul Huston, a DJ and hip hop producer.

Originally a member of Stetsasonic, he produced tracks on hip-hop albums such as 3rd Bass' 1989 debut album The Cactus Album and De La Soul's 1989 debut album 3 Feet High and Rising. After two more albums, he left them, putting together two solo projects: Psychoanalysis: What is It? and the hip hop opera A Prince Among Thieves featuring Big Daddy Kane, Xzibit and Everlast. He, along with Frukwan of Stetsasonic, Too Poetic of Brothers Grimm and the RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, made up the Gravediggaz.

Alongside Teo Macero, Prince Paul co-produced guitarist Vernon Reid's solo debut in 1995.

Paul teamed up with Dan the Automator to form Handsome Boy Modeling School; their album So... How's Your Girl? featured diverse names from Sean Lennon and Del tha Funkee Homosapien to Alec Empire and Don Novello. In the year 2000, Paul produced I Hope I Sell A Lot Of Records At Christmastime by Princess Superstar as well as MC Paul Barman's d├ębut EP It's Very Stimulating. White People continued Handsome Boy's tradition of strange skits and an odd mix of guests over Paul- and Automator-produced beats, including RZA, Linkin Park, Tim Meadows, and John Oates.

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