Friday, April 18, 2008

Collie Buddz - Mohawk - April 20, 2008

From the silly season at work department... Thanks to Richard Henry for the tip! Collie Buddz @ Mohawk on April 20th with Grimy Styles and Zeale 32! Just in time for the Austin Reggae Fest!


You know that time of year when work becomes silly season?!? For us, it usually happens at the end of our product release where people are scrambling to close things down and the end date is approaching, that's when people start running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Step back for a second and you just laugh at the whole situation. Obama was right it's silly season!

More info:

Collie Buddz (born Colin Harper August 21, 1981 in New Orleans, Louisiana) is a reggae and dancehall artist from Bermuda, best known for his single "Come Around".

In 2006, Collie Buddz signed with Sony BMG. He was also a part of Harper Digital. He declined a contract from Interscope due to the relationship already built with Sony. His first album, simply titled Collie Buddz, was released on July 3, 2007. His first single was "Come Around", released with an accompanying video.

His single "Come Around" became the #1 Reggae song in Canada, and often appeared on BET and MTV, while "Blind to You" reached #3 on the BBC 1Xtra Dancehall charts in the UK. The single "Mamacita" had been recorded over a year before its release, and had two videos. His third single was "Tomorrow's Another Day". Collie Buddz has also been featured on various other songs, such as "Tell Me", from Lil' Flip's 2007 album I Need Mine. On July 7, 2007, he performed at one of the largest reggae festivals in Europe, called "Summerjam". This festival is in Cologne, Germany and he performed there along with big names like Sizzla, Tanya Stephens, Gentleman, Turbulence and Sean Paul. He was featured on BET Rap City on May 1, 2007 He is also on Shaggy's newest album Intoxication alongside Sizzla.

Collie Buddz performs "S.O.S.", the entrance theme for WWE wrestler Kofi Kingston, which was released on WWE The Music, Vol. 8 on March 25, 2008.

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