Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Guest Spot: Austin Reggae Fest by Beronica Regalado

For those of you, like me, who have no life and gotta live through others. We thankfully have people like Beronica to keep us informed on the Austin Hip-Hop Scene, live and direct and from the streets...

4/20 was pretty dope for those of us that attended this years festivities @ The Reggae Fest. Whether you attended Saturday or Sunday, I'm sure you enjoyed yourself despite the price increase at the door. There was a good turnout of patrons even without our four legged friends that were not invited to attend this year. It was definitely crowded, so not for the paranoid or claustrophobic type. The main stage kept the crowd entertained during breaks with a DJ, but for me, the main attraction was a guy on the mic at the west end of the festival. Vendors were in full bloom, my favorite item was the yard for just $10 bucks you could have your thirst filled with some party flavors. Met www.myspace.com/gaboykt out from Georgia, hope to be hearing alot more of their southern hospitality. The ladies were plentiful for the taking, sporting alot of cultured designs from silver peace earrings, to marijuana plant belts. For me the highlight of event was standing next to the main stage dancing when out of nowhere comes this older gentlemen dancing like no one was watching,.. my thoughts... i want whatever he's feeling.lol.. All in all the adventure of my 4/20 were reminding me that in no other place would I have more fun, than Austin, TX. Started out at Taco Cabana on Lamar with a few Ritas, then onto Auditorium Shores, walked to Whole Foods for some dinner, then made my way home..Hope to see you next 4/20. - Beronica

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