Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Interview: Anthony Gill

We recently got a chance to pick the brain of Anthony Gill and get this up and coming Austin Hip Hop artist on his perspective about the scene... Read on to find out how you can get you some free chicken!

AHHS: Can you give your fans a quick bio of yourself?

Anthony Gill: I was born on 12/18/1983 in Birmingham Alabama; I have two sisters and one brother. I’ve been on my own since the age of 12. My mom had trouble keeping me my brother and my 2 sisters so we were in shelters, a foster home then I moved in with my step mom. This is when I began writing music I was at this time 16 years old. I have always loved hip hop music, so with all of the hardships in life my mom writing hot checks, going to jail and fleeing state to state, I collected all of this negativity around me and started putting it into words, and writing it down on paper. Ranging from the scary street that we used to live on, the taxis that my mom has had to hop out of for not having enough money, To my mom having me walk out of a grocery store with stolen chicken from the bakery. All of the most unbelievable times in my life is what I write about in the most detailed way possible, because I strongly believe if my youth was never taken and ripped into pieces then I probably would not be rapping.

AHHS: Which is your latest CD? and how do you think it differs from your previous works?

Anthony Gill: The latest cd I’ve produced is for my long time friend J wisdom. This mix tape of his was very different from my normal raw, venomous style. My last official album was back when I was with J-bizar and we formed the group DentedMindz it was the Deep Underground Mixtape witch is very raw. This recent album with j wisdom is 100% hip hop I of course stay true to myself as always, but the style of this album is very inspirational, very motivating its real hip hop to the fullest.

AHHS: What gives you inspiration and how does that transpire into your music?

Anthony Gill: Bad situations and the humor in those bad situations. Some times things can go so bad for me I just have to sit back and laugh, because it’s so predictable. It’s the hard times in my life that keeps me writing. I represent a certain way of life that most artists can only feel, but not create themselves.

AHHS: Which artists inspire you the most? and why?

Anthony Gill: Eminem. I say Eminem because not only is he extremely talented, but out of all the opportunity’s he has alone, just being white blond hair blue eyed. You know, Americas standards, he decided to take one of the most difficult paths to take in this country, and that’s making it in the rap game. That’s kinda inspiring to me. He’s to white people, what Charlie pride is to black people. It’s like saying I love this so much im going to do this no matter what anyone says, nothing can stop me and they both has stood their ground.

AHHS: What has kept you from moving to cities with larger markets? Especially since it's only been recently that Houston has blown up.

Anthony Gill: I feel I am talented enough that once I drop this album of mine along with this demo im working on I won’t need to go to a bigger city for nothing, I will be going with a back up plan. People do shows every night on 6th street here in Austin, and I love it, but unless you’re in this music game for fun, I think there should be a purpose for you throwing a show. Have an agent come, film it to use as part of your music video, do it to sale cds, you know, do what you have to do where you’re at and you wont have to necessarily have to go to a bigger city.

AHHS: How do you see the scene locally? and where do you see it going?

Anthony Gill: There are a lot of talented hip/hop artist/rappers in this town, but I see a lot of Austin’s hip/hop talent going to san Antonio, or Huston, due to the fact that those type of artist who do love to throw shows, and events every where they can are not being shown enough love, surprisingly, since Austin, Texas is the music capitol of the world we should have more talent leaving this town due to their success oppose to them leaving because of failure.

AHHS: What is your favorite venue to perform at? and why?

Anthony Gill: Emos. It’s a very well known diverse, just out right raw kinda joint. It’s funny, I know some people who have heard of emos and not the frank ewring center. I used to do open mic night at emos every Thursday until it was terminated, but it’s cool to play on the same stage that other well known artist has played on as well, like flavor flav, lupe fiasco, slick rick.

AHHS: Can you give us 3 of your most favorite local artists?

Anthony Gill: J wisdom, the gutta gang, crew 54

AHHS: What is the best piece of advice that someone in the industry has given you?

Anthony Gill: No matter what you do just make sure you do you.

AHHS: And a more light-hearted question: Have you seen a correlation between your level of success and quality of hoes?

Anthony Gill: Lol! No,, actually not at all.

AHHS: Any parting words?

Anthony Gill: I just wanna say we hip/hop and rap artist are sensitive with our work, we get prejudge for it and critized to hell for it, and we get hated on a lot. A whole lot, so look, the day everyone becomes the perfect angel, and this becomes a perfect world where racism, poverty, and violence does not exists, that would be the day I would have nothing to rap about. -Rotton

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