Sunday, May 14, 2006

People Under the Stairs - Emo's - May 29, 2006

Wanna hear some cats that know what hip hop's all about!?! People Under the Stairs will be hittin' Emo's on May 29th as part of their The Stepfather tour (the new CD). Also on tap are Time Machine, Gym Class Heroes, and Psalm One!

Man this was a packed weekend! Drove down to Houston for my bro's bday on Friday, Joby and Susan's graduation on Saturday, and Mother's Day today! Took mom to Dim Sum... such an Asian thing to do... :)

More info:

People Under the Stairs formed when Mike Turner (Double K) and Chris Portugal (Thes One) met on the fringe of L.A.'s late-'90s hip-hop underground. The duo, devoted to jazzy samples, danceable beats, intricate rhyming skills, and laid-back humor, debuted in 1998 with the acclaimed The Next Step and followed it up in 2000 with Question in the Form of an Answer. Gathering heavy praise and touring with De La Soul, the group took their road experiences and brought it to the studio to record their next album. The final results appeared in the summer of 2002 under the name O.S.T. This highly acclaimed release, which sound-scanned over 35,000 to date, brought People Under The Stairs to the forefront of underground hip-hop. Its follow-up album, Or Stay Tuned complemented this release and allowed the group to headline nation-wide tours.

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