Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mix Master Mike - Sky Lounge - Mar. 9, 2006

Mix Master Mike of The Beastie Boys is coming to Sky Lounge on Thursday, Mar. 9th! And there's no cover!

Mix Master Mike had developed a dedicated following long before he united with the Beastie Boys to create elements of Hello Nasty. Mike had proved himself to be a DMC World Champion with his turntablist crew Invisibl Skratch Piklz. And while with ISP, MMM released several mix tapes and video tapes which showcase his wrists of fury.

Taking the role of the DJ to the next level, Mix Master Mike makes his turntables function as instruments on stage. It did not take long for people to realize that they were seeing something special when MMM was on tour. During the opening minutes of the 1998 Beastie Boys concerts, Mike made mouths drop open as he cut up Rush's "Tom Sawyer" night after night. This routine had been done previously by fellow ISP member DJ Q-bert on his album.

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