Monday, February 06, 2006

Break! The Urban Funk Spectacular - Paramount Theatre - Apr 27, 2006

Break! looks like a great show coming to the Paramount Theatre in April. Tickets seem a bit pricy... but from the review, maybe it'll be worth it.

Here's some info:

“Move over Stomp!” The Houston Chronicle. This colorful family show that celebrates 30 years of Hip-Hop dancing, is filled with break dancing, power tumbling, a live DJ and more. This breathtaking spectacle is known for "inspiring kids, parents and even grandparents to thunderous applause," on five continents. The cutting edge of dance in the 21st century, break dance is considered a distinctive American art form that traces its roots to the streets of the inner city. The performers in Break! have all been featured as soloists for show biz heavies like Puff Daddy, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston and Luther Van Dross.

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