Friday, November 06, 2009

Fun Fun Fun Fest - Waterloo Park - November 7-8, 2009

From the ... department... Graham Williams hit us up to tell us that there's hip hop all over Fun Fun Fun Fest @ Waterloo Park this weekend!

Just to name a few...

The Pharcyde
Cool Kids
Buraka Som Sistema (bad ass hip hop from portugal)
Kid Sister
MC Chris
DJ Nu-mark (jurassic 5)
GZA (wu tang) doing liquid swords beginning to end
plus tons more local djs and hip hop acts

More info:

Fun Fun Fun Fest made its first appearance on a cold Austin Friday evening at Waterloo Park in 2006. It was a unique approach to festival booking...filling stages with what is bubbling from the underground, what sounds great, and what is making an impact, regardless of what Pollstar or the mainstream media said was cool. What started out as a show for a few touring acts and local favorites became a movement, and a festival that fans and bands alike realized needed to be experienced year after year.

This is a festival created by people in the music scene, that are in it everyday, and are driven by the DIY attitude and work ethic found in the music they love. Broken out into genres, FFF provides unique experiences in the punk/hardcore, indie rock, hip hop/DJ, and comedy scenes. At FFF, you will see 4 core stages of some of the most progressive music and comedy in the scene today, hosted on Red River in the heart of downtown Austin. At this fest, show goers get more for less. They get to catch artists close up and personal before they explode, they get to see some of their favorite bands of the past reunite, and they get to discover music that they have never even heard that they'll love — all at less than $1 per act.

In it’s fourth year, Fun Fun Fun Fest is the most relaxed, laid back and (yet) progressive festival in the market place today. It is a true urban event in the middle of downtown Austin and most importantly it’s a fest WE in the scene would want to go to, without all of the filler that tends to show up at the corporate music carnivals around the world these days. Fun Fun Fun Fest: the fest before the fest...where you go to see what’s about to happen as opposed to what's already been happenin.

Thanks for all of those that have supported us for so long. We are in this business because we love independent music, we love these bands, we love this scene, and we love connecting all of it with as many fans as possible. We look forward to seeing all of you there. We will be the ones with the Danzig shirts on.

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