Friday, February 15, 2008

Southbound - Ruta Maya's - February 16, 2008

From the dragged to Fool's Gold department... check out Southbound and Big Jumbo and DJ Wes Sanders @ Ruta Maya's on Saturday, Feb 16th. Also "Special Invited Guests", what is that?!? Is that like "I've got the candles and cake" or more like "I saw your myspace invite"?

Nonetheless, seeing Southbound should be off the chain.


Well it's Vday... so I gotta get me some... Jenna Jameson here I come.

More info:

Nobody said succeeding in the rap industry is easy, but twin brothers Sandman and Lowkey are ready for the challenge. Together known as the group SouthBound, they released their first underground mixtape "The Come Up" with DJ Rapid Ric in mid-2006, and already it has begun making waves for the up-and-coming duo, grabbing the attention of more than one major label. But, the two have turned down every offer up to this point.

"We don't want to just sign to anybody, because when you're unknown, you're at the mercy of the record label. They have complete control over you because you have no chips on the table. So, we want to get our city and state behind us first, and sell as many records as possible independently...........then we'll have all the chips on our side of the table. We want longevity in the game."- Sandman

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