Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Review: Afrofreque - Fresh Soul Frequencies

From Austin, TX they call themselves Afrofreque. The members of the band are MC Tiger Liu, DJ Resinthol, John Siebenthaler (Bass), Fumi Sugawara (Guitar), Claude 9 (Keys), and Mike Hale (Drums). In a time when Hip Hop is looking to find it's identity, with their 2008 debut album, Fresh Soul Frequencies, Afrofreque hits the Austin Hip Hop scene with a fresh new sound.

Immediately, the astute listener will realize that the band is quite adept at skillfully integrating all the elements of the band into a pleasant melodic sound. The sound is both groovy and funky with injections of electronica and reggae. Best of all, their music is positive and uplifting.

At the moment, I'm groovin' to "Cool Breeze". The song starts of with a smooth groove that just melts your heart and immediately flips the switch on you and gets your heart racing and dancing. The song even tells you to "Get on up!" Rest assured, the rest of the CD is filled with songs that will make you just wanna roll up a phat one.

Afrofreque is definitely a band to watch out for in the '08. Be on the look out! They'll be live at one of your favorite Austin venues.

For more about Afrofreque and their debut album, visit www.afrofreque.com.


Afrofreque - Cool Breeze

Afrofreque - Illumination

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