Thursday, February 21, 2008

MC Overlord - Hi-Lo - February 23, 2008

From the Univision representin' the debate department... Thanks to Donnell and Scott for pinging us about the MC Overlord and DJ Rapid Ric @ Hi-Lo on Saturday, Feb 23rd!

Also download Overlord's "I'm In Here" from the site.


More info:

Overlord is a record NINE-Time Austin Hip Hop Artist of the Year award winner with eight independent CD's currently under his belt. His status as a ground breaker is unmatched. He was the first Austin MC to introduce Hip Hop with a regular live musician line up and have a presence in the rock dominated venues. Known for epic live performances and lyrics that connect, he has built a fan base that extends beyond ordinary Hip hop boundaries. The Austin American Statesman has called him The Godfather of ATX Hip Hop. He remains determined to bring national attention to his adopted hometown.

Overlord is without question the most consistent voice in Austin, Texas Hip Hop.

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