Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Lyrics Born - Emo's - November 9, 2007

From the I'm too lazy to take a dump before bed, so I'll just hold it department... Lyrics Born @ Emo's this Friday, Nov 9th... Reppin' the ATX... Vehicular, Just Born, and DJ Notion.

Am I the only one that thinks it's odd that your boss has to go to the restroom?!? Is it not the funniest thing when your manager rips a smelly one in the stall next to you... don't see them quite the same ever again. I'm so childish. ;)

More info:

Lyrics Born (formerly known as Asia Born, born Tom Shimura in Tokyo, Japan in 1972), is a half-Japanese-American, half-Italian-American hip hop rapper. He is one half of the group Latyrx with Lateef the Truthspeaker.

Through his childhood, he lived in Tokyo and Salt Lake City, Utah, and has lived most of his life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although he moved to Tampa Florida for four years to attend Henry B. Plant High School. He began his hip hop career while at college at UC Davis, where he was a DJ at the college station KDVS. He is a founding member of the seminal independent record label Quannum Projects. Born came up with fellow Bay Area and UC Davis companions Lateef, Gift of Gab, and Chief Xcel of Blackalicious, DJ Shadow, and Jeff Chang (formerly known as DJ Zen).

Lyrics Born released his first solo LP, Later That Day, in October 2003, which spawned the hit single, "Callin' Out." The album featured guests such as DJ Shadow, Gift of Gab, and his wife Joyo Velarde. In April 2005, he released his second album, Same !@#$ Different Day which was released on his own Quannum Projects label. The album features remixes of five songs from Later That Day along with a number of new tracks which feature guests such as Bay Area legend E-40, KRS-ONE, Stereo MCs, Casual of Hieroglyphics, Evidence of Dilated Peoples, and Joyo Velarde. Also in 2005, Born released The Lyrics Born Variety Show: Season One CD, which was essentially an old-school mix tape with remixes and blends of his studio albums and appearances on other songs in addition to new songs.

In 2006 he released The Lyrics Born Variety Show: Season Two CD mixed by DJ Enki.

He has toured relentlessly for years in North America, South America, Australia, Europe and Japan and averages 150 shows per year.

Early in 2005, Lyrics Born replaced his usual DJ, D-Sharp with a live band. The original band consisted of versed Bay Area musicians Kevin Choice (keys, vox), B'nai Rebelfront (guitar, vox), Darius Minaee (drums) and Uriah Duffy (bass, vox). The current band still retains Rebelfront and Duffy, and has had various replacements on keys and drums.

The live album Overnite Encore: Lyrics Born LIVE was released on October 31, 2006. It was recorded in Australia and features half of the album from Sydney and the other half from Melbourne. The album is a live set featuring his backing band, as well as three new studio tracks including the hit song "Knock Knock". The album received a 3.5 out of 5 star review in Rolling Stone magazine and featured artists such as Mistah F.A.B., Del The Funky Homosapien, Pigeon John and Tim "Herb" Alexander of Primus.

Lyrics Born is set to release his 3rd studio album, "Everywhere at Once" in early 2008 on Epitaph Records. The album is the first studio release to feature members of the live band.

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