Thursday, November 01, 2007

Low B - Whisky Bar - November 3, 2007

From the relationships are hard department... After the M.I.A. show this Saturday... get treated to M.I.A.'s DJ... Low B (aka DJ Low Budget) @ Whisky Bar on Nov 3rd and our own DJ Digg... how low can you go... b. Where do I come up with these?!? :)

Relationships are a melding of 2 people, personalities, cultures... how tough could it be... are we destined to follow in the steps of our parents... are there changes you can make to avoid those same mistakes... what is one to do?!?

More info:

As co creator of now one of the most influential dj styles around,half of the DJ duo Hollertronix, Low B aka Low Budget has been a part of Philly’s nightlife and thriving DJ scene for the last seven years. Since then he has taken his eclectic party rockin style around the world and back. Born in Philadelphia and growing up mainly in Parkside/Chester, Low B began DJing in the mid 90’s while still in high school. A product of hip hop’s “golden age”, Low B is all about maintaining the integrity of a true all-around DJ--by keeping dance floors packed with a flavorful mix that rep all genres. With hip hop and dance classics as his foundation, Low B’s musical ammo spans from rock to reggae, Baltimore club to indie dance, disco to the dirty south, and everything in between.

Low B has also found himself rocking parties from coast to coast and internationally, From the days of spinning alongside hollertronix partner, diplo, Low B has played alongside many other nationally recognized DJs and recording artists. From Bun B (of UGK) to Spankrock, the Clipse,A-trak,Tommy Sunshine, DJ AM and currently holding it down as M.I.A.'s tour DJ .... Low B has rubbed elbows with them all. No matter the party--from a high profile celebrity based extravaganza to a casual hole-in-the-wall dive bar, Low B does like the O’Jays and “gives the people what they want.” He is infamous for inciting riots on the dance floor. His fans travel from far and wide to hear “what he is putting on next.”

"Fuck what you heard, White boys can get it crunk too...expect this kid [Low B] to make you get down on the flo' some time soon."
- XXL Magazine

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