Tuesday, July 10, 2007

D-Madness - Maggie Mae's - July 14, 2007

From the prostitute who robbed a sailor department... D-Madness, Bavu Blakes, Mike and Ike, and DJ Diamond Tip @ Maggie Mae's on July 14th. Seems like this is starting to become a great regular...

So I told you about my friend who had his engagement party this past weekend... we'll he has the dilemma of choosing his groomsmen... he's Punjabi Sikh... so his ingenious plan is to tell his friends that whoever wants to be a groomsman must not shave or cut their hair 4 weeks before the wedding... I'm gonna look like a dirty Asian fisherman by then!

More info:

D-Madness aka Dwayne Jackson is the baddest musician in this world. In the studio, he basically plays everything but horns (which he intends to also master). He was playing in orchestras, overseas, by his teens. He's played in studios, bars and clubs since his teenage years. If you need ANYTHING between cello parts and vocal percussion, D-Madness can help you. He is the ultimate session musician. On stage, the normal D-Madness setup is bass guitar or electric guitar, drums, his ASR-10 production keyboard and a vocal mic. He might also play a cheek solo, a nearby beer bottle, or double-time his bass drum with the sticks (even ex-Living Colour drummer, Will Calhoun, was baffled). When Japan's DJ Krush first saw him perform, he asked D to play bass guitar and violin on his next record. When Erykah Badu saw him soundcheckin' at her Black Forest Theater (near his native Oak Cliff, Texas), she pushed him later in the schedule so Prince could see him.

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