Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chamillionaire - Travis County Expo Center - July 21, 2007

From the guys who like to mix chameleon with all the words of the dictionary... Chamillionaire @ Travis County Expo Center on July 21st. Last time I washed my car was years ago... so I be ridin' drrrty... I should be a comedian!

More info:

At a young age, Chamillionaire, along with fellow rap music artist and childhood friend Paul Wall, had decided to make music their careers. He began his musical career in a gospel rap group by the name of the "The Sleepwalkers” with former partners Paul Wall and TeRay "PKT" Green. They performed at many youth festivals and church gatherings before venturing into more secular music. One day while promoting themselves at a Texas event, he and Paul Wall ran into Michael 5000 Watts, a popular mixtape DJ from the Northside. After proposing to do promotions for Watts' company, the Swishahouse, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall came to Watts' studio and convinced Watts to allow them freestyle on an intro to Watts' radio show on Houston’s 97.9 The Box. Watts, who himself was convinced to rap on the record, enjoyed the freestyle so much that he put the verses on one of his mixtapes. The freestyle became so popular in the streets that Chamillionaire and Paul Wall became regular staples on Houston's mixtape circuit, appeared on several of Watts' mixtapes, and became permanent members of Swishahouse.

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