Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bavu Blakes - Club 115 - July 13, 2007

From the best hip-hop you will see in Austin this year department... Bavu Blakes and Mojoe @ Club 115 on Friday the 13th. Also bringing you the nightmares will be DJ Viz. The show is $10 and it's suggested you show up before 10pm as it is expected to sell out! Fo' Sho'!

Back to my bum thumb... well... you know about the band-aids I put around it to spare the innocent souls from the fright... so now I've got another problem... I keep leaving the band-aids randomly around the house only to find them unexpectedly... like I see one on my Freakonomics book... there's one in my shower...

More info:

Dubbed "One of Texas' brightest new stars" by legendary rapper The D.O.C., Bavu Blakes is the ultimate wordsmith by both definitions. He is the 2006 Austin Music Award winner for best hip-hop act, a freelance journalist who has published stories in the Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and the Urban Music Director (and on-air personality) of Time Warner's Music and Entertainment Television.

Equally adept at writing, performing and freestyling, Mr. Blakes offers both clarity and hype. While words and rhymes are clearly where his talents shine, he places equal importance on beats. By defining tracks in terms of mood, rhythm and melody, he makes the music sound better. Creating a sense of cohesion between the lyrics and beats, Mr. Blakes's music reveals this approach through clever, thought-provoking lyrics over diverse beats guaranteed to entice any listener's ear.

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