Monday, October 11, 2010

Terp2It: "Half Man Half Beard" - 11 days left

From the dope department... How awesome is this?! With 11 days to go, Terp2It aka Chris Trew's project "Half Man Half Beard" has reached the amount needed to produce the new album. You can still support the project by going to the "Half Man Half Beard" Kick Starter Project! There's 11 days left!

Terp2it is a nationally touring comedian, rapper and improv teacher as well as the host of the wildly popular Air Sex World Championships. He's a regular performer at SXSW and comedy festivals across the country. His sketch comedy group has a pilot airing on Comedy Central this October and he is part owner of The Megaphone which operates comedy venues in Dallas, Austin and (soon) New Orleans.

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