Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ninjasonik - Beauty Bar - October 8, 2010

From the ... department... Welp... you all know what time of year it is... ACL Fest is once again upon us... get ready for the craziness... Ninjasonik @ Beauty Bar on Oct. 8th!

More info:

Ninjasonik’s music speaks for itself and while not defined to one genre it has the ability to perhaps be just punk, just hip-hop and just pop. Derived from the not-so subtle title “hipstersonic”, a comic reference to the lifestyle of Brooklyn’s innovative DIY musicians, the name Ninjasonik reveals more of the group’s vision and musical taste’s than they suspect. ‘Ninja’, a covert agent skilled in infiltration and speedy assassination refers to the group’s ability to skillfully override your initial perception of all things pop, punk and hip-hop. “Sonik” the exoticbooming sound created by supersonic flight refers to the musical magnitude of Ninajasonik’s stylistic approach to the punk and hip-hop inspirations of Slick Rick and the Sex Pistols.

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