Saturday, April 03, 2010

Bavu Blakes - HighBall - April 3, 2010

From the Approved. department... Bavu Blakes @ HighBall tonight, April 3rd! I thought we got rid of this guy?! Bavu, glad to see you're back even if for a day.

More info:

Webster defines wordsmith in the form of a noun as a person who works with words; especially a skillful writer. Defined by those who write professionally as journalists, authors, newscasters or spin doctors – it is very much a verb. They wordsmith documents, speeches, quotes and letters. Many times this action involves finding more powerful, meaningful words that paint a picture and more clearly deliver a message.

Dubbed “One of Texas’ brightest new stars” by legendary rapper The D.O.C. after releasing his debut CD “Create & Hustle”, Bavu Blakes is the ultimate wordsmith by both definitions. This University of Texas at Austin Broadcast Journalism graduate is a broadcaster, artist and writer so unique that he’s the only man born Bavu — meaning ‘force’ in Kiswahili — in American history!

Equally adept at writing, performing and freestyling, Mr. Blakes offers both clarity and hype. While words and rhymes are clearly where his talents shine, he places equal importance on beats. By defining tracks in terms of mood, rhythm and melody, he makes the music sound better. Creating a sense of cohesion between the lyrics and beats, Mr. Blakes’s music reveals this approach through clever, thought-provoking lyrics over diverse beats guaranteed to entice any listener’s ear.

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