Saturday, April 17, 2010

Awesome Freestyle Rap Tournament - The Highball - April 18, 2010

From the hates unopened pistachios department... Awesome Freestyle Rap Tournament @ The Highball tomorrow night, April 18th!


You’ve done it in your car (and were awesome at it). You’ve done it at parties (and were even better). Now we’re giving you the chance to do it on stage in front of a bunch of screaming audience members for prizes, recognition and glory. It’s the first ever Awesome Freestyle Competition at the Highball, hosted by Austin’s Terp2it. (Streets is watching)

To sign up or if you have any questions contact Chris Trew ( This will be a bracketed tournament where participants will rap in special challenges (one on one! inanimate object rap! more!) to beats provided by DJ Mikey Felton.

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