Sunday, September 27, 2009

Qwel & Maker - Club Deville - September 27, 2009

From the needs a break department... The "So Be It" Tour starring Qwel & Maker @ Club Deville tonight, Sept 27th with MSG Crew, Boomset, Sidewalk Alumni and DJ Notion!

More info:

Qwel is an underground rapper, originally from Chicago, Illinois. Qwel is also the co-founder of an underground rap crew called Typical Cats[1], with MC's Denizen Kane, and Qwazaar. Qwel has been featured on interviews and performances on Qwel has had collaboration projects with Maker, Jackson Jones, Meaty Ogre, Mike Gao, Silence, and Robust. His current label is Galapagos4 which was founded partially by Offwhyte.

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