Thursday, January 22, 2009

KRS-One - Mohawk - January 24, 2009

From the fuck up heard around the world department... KRS-One @ Mohawk on Jan 24th! With Zeale, Brooks City, Dubb Sicks, Crew 54, Cali Zack and DJ Tots! Hosted by Bavu Blakes!

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Did ya'll see Chief Justice John Roberts fuck up the oath of office?! I'm sayin' even at the finest hour, the white man will try to stick it to the colored man! ;)

More info:

Lawrence Parker (born August 20, 1965), better known by his stage name KRS-One, is an American rapper. Over his career, he has been known by several pseudonyms including "Kris Parker", "The Blastmaster", "The Teacha", and "The Philosopher". KRS-One is a significant figure in the hip hop community and is often credited by critics and other hip hop artists as epitomizing the "essence" of an MC and for being one of the greatest MC's in rap.[2] At the 2008 BET Awards, KRS-One was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, for all his work and effort towards the Stop the Violence Movement as well as the overall pioneering of hip-hop music and culture.

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