Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top 10 of Austin Hip Hop 2008

2008 was definitely a great year for the Austin Hip-Hop Scene! We've undoubtedly seen some great things happen this year. And since everyone is creating "Top 10" lists, we thought it was only appropriate to create our own. As with any list, we'll definitely get some groans and grunts on our selections, feel free to comment. Just remember these words, "It's our list!" :)

Just to give you some idea of how the list was created, we chose based on events that had a large appeal, longevity and/or "something special". The "something special" is so that we can do whatever the fuck we want! ;)

And so, without further ado...

1. Bavu Blakes and Big Don play Austin City Limits Festival

ACL Fest this year saw Austin's own Bavu Blakes and Big Don grace the stages of one of the biggest music festivals this world knows! Now that's some shit!

2. Matt Sonzala & SXSW

Austin saw the arrival of Matt Sonzala (originally from Houston). Matt is "The Man" when it comes to booking Hip Hop acts for SXSW.

3. OG Photographer wins Billboard Ultimate Photo Contest

Austin based music and entertainment photographer OG won the worldwide Billboard photo contest for their work of David Banner at SXSW '08.

4. Romeo Navarro presents... B-Boy City 15

One of the biggest B-Boy competitions in the world, this year we saw Romeo Navarro throw B-Boy City 15. Now that's longevity, some people aren't even married that long!

5. The Gathering with DJ Notion & MusicNMind

MusicNMind and DJ Notion have been putting on "The Gathering" since '04! "The Gathering" has showcased many local acts every Thursday night.

6. Mondays at Nasty's with DJ Mel

DJ Mel and crew have been throwing Monday Hip Hop night at Nasty's since I was at UT and that's a long time! If you can deal with a Tuesday hangover, you definitely want to catch this Austin staple.

7. 08 is So Great By Bavu Blakes

Bavu Blakes kept us in anticipation each week with his "08 is So Great" flows. He definitely proved to us that he is a man of his word and gave us 52 flows!

8. The 54 Reality Show By Crew 54

Even though Crew 54 herald themselves from Killeen, we'll gladly adopt them as Austin's own. Every week these cats put out a video-mentary of Hip Hop events around Austin. Austin Hip-Hop Scene was even taped acting a fool in one of the videos!

9. Destiny By Design

Destiny By Design is a semester long after school program at Kealing Middle School where local artists mentor students on making music! Now that's change you can believe in!

10. The 512 with Nick D

Nick D and crew have been consistently throwing "The 512" showcasing many local artists. Hoping them much success in the future!

10.1 Beats 'N Treats Music Festival by Open Labs

Open Labs threw the first "Beats 'N Treats Music Festival" at the Mohawk giving beat makers a world stage. The event was broadcasted worldwide online via UStream.tv!

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