Wednesday, November 26, 2008

MC Frontalot - Alamo Drafthouse Downtown - November 28, 2008

From the Turkey Terrorist department... NERDCORE RISING with MC Frontalot @ Alamo Drafthouse Downtown on Nov 28th! I wish I could be there, I could take my laptop and get my programming on! To all the nerds, geeks and freaks out there going to this, I'm jealous!

Get your tix here for $10!


To all those pal'ing around with Sarah Palin and her Turkey Terrorist Group, Happy Thanksgiving!

More info:

Damian Hess (born December 3, 1973), known by stage name MC Frontalot, is a San Francisco hip hop musician and self-proclaimed "world's 579th greatest rapper." He is best known in nerdcore hip hop and video game culture, for naming the nerdcore subgenre, and performing at Penny Arcade's annual Penny Arcade Expo.

Hess began releasing music as MC Frontalot in 1999. His first successes came through Song Fight!, an online songwriting and recording competition, where he became known for consistently beating opponents. Throughout his history at Song Fight!, he has never lost a competition as MC Frontalot, although he has entered only seven entries in that name.[1] In one such song fight, entitled "Romantic Cheapskate", he likens Song Fight! to a neglected lover who favours him regardless of how he treats her.[2] Indicative of his success, the song went on to garner a total of 614 votes, while the next closest song ended the round with 28.[3]

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