Saturday, November 08, 2008

Abstract Rude & Blueprint - Ruta Maya - November 8, 2008

From the bananas in public restrooms department... Abstract Rude & Blueprint @ Ruta Maya tonight, Nov 8th!


Very bothering, is there any research on how much fecal matter is floating around in public restrooms?!? Ever thought about what you might be chewing on after going to the restroom smacking that gum? I usually spit my gum out when I get to the urinal which causes it to be an eye sore since no one wants to pick that shit up!

More info:

Abstract Rude (reborn Aaron Pointer) is an American rapper, from Los Angeles, CA. He is the MC for the hip hop group Abstract Tribe Unique (ATU), alongside dancers Zulu Butterfly Prince and Irie Lion Locks, Turntablist DJ Drez, and Underground Hip Hop producer, Fat Jack. Ab Rude is also a member of the hip hop trio Haiku D'Etat (with Mikah 9 and Aceyalone) and The A-Team (with Aceyalone). [1] [2] Abstract (sometimes shortened "Ab" or "Abbey") Rude is currently signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Abstract's talent was first recognized by Fat Jack and was soon a regular of The Good Life hip-hop workshop but it wasn't until he handed a tape to Mike D at Grand Royal that Abstract started turning heads worldwide. This got him two spots on the 1994 Grand Royal Mixtape, Mix Drink, with the songs Torn (Produced by Fat Jack) and Strength of A.T.U. (Produced by Digiak). He was then on 1995's Mixed Drink #2 with the songs Ab Dawlin (Fat Jack) and again with Strength of A.T.U..

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