Thursday, August 21, 2008

Spin Alley - Red Eyed Fly - August 30, 2008

From the Vegas babay, (.)(.) blublublublu department... Thanks to Ratarue for the heads up! Spin Alley @ Red Eyed Fly on Aug 30th.

Spin Alley, a mix of Screamo and Hip Hop, perform live at the Red Eye Fly Aug. 30th. Back at the great Red Eyed Fly by popular demand. Come early and enjoy...This is not to be missed. Be ready to mosh it up and get rowdy. This most likely will be Spin Alley's last show in Austin before their album debut this fall. Spin Alley have been playing to nearly sold out shows and have opened up for the likes of Chamillionaire at the Texas Expo Center at the Texas Heat Wave. Spin Alley provides a highly energetic sound that blends Rock, Hip Hop, and Screamo.

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