Thursday, January 17, 2008

DJ Mike Swing - Union Park - January 17, 2008

From the warm the f*ck up department... DJ Mike Swing @ Union Park every Thursday night... join him as he gets your junk in da trunk bouncin' to the thump with his 1's and 2's.

Gotta love the weeklies... it's like your blankey... you can always depend on it!


More info:

From rocking parties in the most well known clubs in Austin to running the most successful record pool in Central Texas, DJ Mike Swing has been one of Austins go to guys for Hip Hop/Urban music since 1995.

His musical beginning started in the early eighties while listening to his fathers vinyl records of The Gap Band and The Sugar Hill Gang. From there he continued to learn more about the upcoming and hip culture that stemmed from New York City called Hip Hop. In the mid to late eighties, Mike Swing began purchasing and collecting cassette tapes and vinyl records of music he found to be influential and uplifting. In middle school he was always known as the guy who had the latest music. After high school, he relocated to The University of Texas at Austin where his DJ career truly began to take shape. While looking through a Vibe Magazine that contained the chronological order of Hip Hop, he noticed that the year 1987 had the Technics 1200 turntable labeled as, 'The Industry Standard' for the Hip Hop DJ. That was the spark that set him on his journey that still goes on today. He found a way to purchase two turntables and the necessary equipment to begin 'spinning'. This new found way of sharing his music led him to five years at college radio for the University of Texas at Austin called KVRX 91.7FM. The radio show called Urban Concepts was born and was the first Hip Hop radio program at The University of Texas at Austin to play modern R&B and to obtain the number one spot for a college/community radio program in the Austin, Texas market according to the Arbitron rating system.

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