Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Interview: J Biz R

J Biz R (aka JBizzy) of Dented Mindz is soon to be a household name... comin' up in the Austin Hip Hop Scene... We recently got a chance to catch up with him outside of his busy schedule. Thanks for taking the time... here's what he had to say...

Can you give your fans a quick bio of yourself?

I'm a rapper from Austin Texas and founder of my very own production company DENTED MINDZ PRODUCTIONS. I have been rapping and putting together projectz since 2003. Solo and working with other members of my group DENTED MINDZ. I have Produced and written over 300 songs, 8 underground albums. Dubbing my solo music Polar Rap. My style is often that of a bi-polar person. Sometimez I'm friendly/party-party. Sometimez im wicked/sinister. I like to divide the two into separate projectz.

Every Halloween I release a limited amount of my Darker style albums. This year it was the first of the series "The Terror Tapez Vol.I". Available in most Austin Record Storez.

Because I've lived in many different places throughout the United Statez. I've become very versitile, allowing me to have a great sense of adapting to what ever project I happen to be working on.

Which is your latest CD? and how do you think it differs from your previous works?

Actually, I have two that just came out.

First was my Full-length Halloween Album. . . THE TERROR TAPEZ VOL. I

Then on Veterines Day 2007, I released my newest mixtape for free download at . It'z entitled. . . MIND BENDIN' MIXXTAPE .
20 trackz of that raw rap spillin, hi-jacked beat havin, remix flavor packin freshness!

With every project I really feel that I grow as a Artist. So the Biggest difference is that slowly you see the quality of work inproving.

I look back at old projects and think. . . ... "I can't believe I left it that way!"

But hey, Live and Learn baby! . . ..

What gives you inspiration and how does that transpire into your music?

Honestly, a nice peace of mind. After a couple of bluntz and few drinkz. When all the drama is off my mind for the night. The sound of nothingness kickz in. That shit'z fuckin' nice!!

Now, I'm kind of a workaholic so I eventually start feeling the need to be doing something productive. So I hit the lightz up the studio and get to work. It'z a beutiful thing!

Which artists inspire you the most? and why?

First would have to be Tupac Shakur. Followed by Esham Smith, Insane Clown Posse and Tech N9ne.

I've alwayz admired multiple-style artistz that had lotz of material. It really showz the dedication of a person to have such a volume of music.

What has kept you from moving to cities with larger markets? especially since it's only been recently that Houston has blown up.

Well, I will take any chance to do a show anywhere. If I'm traveling, as long as the price is right! I was actually born in Houston, I go there every once in a while, but I would love to go more often. Shit, if your a promoter, . . .. Hit me up!!

How do you see the scene locally? and where do you see it going?

I see several different campz of artist around Austin. It'z good to see the unity.
They heard of us (Dented Mindz). Might not know alot about us, but we're around,
I'm around. See I'm striving to make this DMz a household name!
People just need to listen out for it!

What is your favorite venue to perform at? and why?

We use to do alot of open mic'z @ the Gatherings back when DJ Notion was having those at Emo's Lounge. I like that place alot. Also Flamingo Cantina on sixth has a good atmosphere.

Can you give us 3 of your most favorite local artists?

Locally. . ...
Bavu is cool.
Jonny Danger rocks some shit. (but I think he just moved to Dallas.)
Dubb Sicks is fresh, (though he never callz a motha fucka back!).
It'z all good though!

What is the best piece of advice that someone in the industry has given you?

"Watch those closest to you."

Straight up!!

And a more light-hearted question: Have you seen a correlation between your level of success and quality of hoes?

Chickz just tend to be hotter when your out on the seen.
I think it all dependz on how you go about handling them. If your just meeting the chick, don't tell her exactly what it is that you do.
If it'z at a show to where it'z pretty obviouse, then just watch all the pretty smilez.
That too is a beutiful thing!

Any parting words?

I just wanna part with these final wordz. . ..

"Watch for the snakez, be like an owl at night."

and as alwayz, STAY DENTED!!!

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