Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Crew54 - Flamingo Cantina - December 7, 2007

From the Carol of the Bells department... our boys Crew54 @ Flamingo Cantina this Friday, Dec 7th for their Aggressive Soul release party! Congrats, guys! To ring in the momentous night... The Gyft, Cali Zack, Mike & Ike, Zeale32 and DJ Notion will also be performing.

Check out the latest Crew54 hit, "Keep on Moving", on our player on the right sidebar!


Pimp C, you will be missed...

More info:

Quickly becoming regarded as one of Texas’ brightest new acts, Crew54 is determined to make their way into the game. Combining raw reality lyrics with soul driven banging beats, G-christ and M.O.S. deliver a high energy product that bumps in your system and will blow you away live in person.

After serving in the Army, G-Christ ended up in Killeen, TX. Using his southern breeding, mixed with world traveling experience, he crafted a lyrical style that is versatile, with the ability to sound natural on almost any type of beat. From east coast grimy to southern bounce, G-Christ is ready to destroy any beat and song concept. MOS is constantly crafting his writing style to connect with the listener on all bases. Having worked with bevy of crews, artist, and producers, the unofficial official MOS catalogue is profuse. It was a natural connection when they met, and that moment a legacy for born.

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