Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Rehab Hymn - Ruta Maya - August 11, 2007

From the I survived the bachelor party department... Passenger wrote in to tell us about his show @ Ruta Maya with Rehab Hymn, DJ Egadz, Ellis Bancroft, Calm, Input, and Ninthcloud this Saturday, Aug. 11th @ 8pm.

More info:

I am currently in the process of recording my second solo effort teamed with Dj Egadz that will be released later this year... project and group title will be announced later this summer... check for extensive tour dates thru-out the summer and come catch the new live deal... massive respect to all the people who have offered there patience and support

The POOR EXCUSE album is pending... but it's good.

BLACKOUT SANDS goes back into the studio August to finish the massive full-length that will be available someday.

I am part of the shitcreek family...also one of the survivng members of the monotonous music collective. Nomadic by spirit, gypsy by choice and unpredidictable by accident... will travel for food. Played some shows.... made some songs ... gathered some friends and plan on continuing to do so as long as Im allowed.

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