Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Battle Style of the Sexes - Ruta Maya - March 10, 2007

Battle Style of the Sexes @ Ruta Maya with Jonny Danger on March 10th. Doors open at 1pm through 9pm. If you're battling... signup ends at 3pm.

How dope was Lupe last night at Stubb's?!? And The Roots...

The portopotty was a constant source of entertainment last night...

More info:

A B-boy/break-boy (male) or B-girl/break-girl (female) is a term for a person who is devoted to hip-hop culture. The term has come to refer more specifically to a male who practices what the media refers to as breakdance. A B-boy is an individual who has the ability to express their feelings through rhythmic dance which combines a variety of other dance forms with gymnastics and original b-boy body movements. These stylized movements are commonly known as breaking or breakdancing. B-boys are often known as breakdancers.

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