Thursday, September 21, 2006

Zeale 32 - Firehouse Lounge - September 28, 2006

Fresh show at Firehouse Lounge with Zeale 32 and Phranchyze 1 on Thursday, September 28th. It better be fresh... what with being sponsored by Axe and all... blah... sorry that was lame...

Man... no desire to write... I think I've got ACL withdrawals... blah...

More info:

After winning a freestyle battle during Babygrandes showcase at the South by Southwest music festival, undecided sophomore Valin Zamarron signed a single deal with the record label.

In the world of underground hip-hop, beats and rhymes are not just sequenced rhythms they are a way of life.

Subscribing to the philosophy that rap is something you do, hip-hop is something you live, emcees do not define hip-hop strictly as a form of music; rather, it is a form of expression that defines them.

National freestyle champion, emcee and Texas State undecided sophomore, Valin J. Zamarron, aka Zeale 32, believes that hip-hop lives and breathes with the people.

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