Monday, September 25, 2006

8 Million Stories - Houlihan's - September 29, 2006

Hot! Stretched out on a red couch... doesn't get any better than that. Tameca... I've got a nice couch you can lounge on... ;) 8 Million Stories are gonna be at Houlihan's on Sept 29th at 9pm. Never been there... someone wanna be my date? ;)

OK... I'm finally gonna come out with it... I play video games on the porcelain throne... currently I'm playing Castlevania on the Game Boy Advance... I'm kinda stuck at the lava/fire stage... anyone got any tips... lemme know...

hmm... the game records how many hours you've played... I bet I could tell you how many hours I've been on the toilet... ;)

More info:

There are eight million stories in the city, this is one of them...

Actually there are ten stories on 8 million stories first full-length release. The band's self-titled CD mixes great songwriting and musicianship with grooving dance music.

Classifying 8 million stories sound is difficult. Currently they hold the ..1 un-signed band in the Neo-Soul genre on the multi-million member phenomenon that is Myspace.

That moniker in no way encompasses the music. Gathering from the musicians roots in rock, hip-hop, soul, jazz, and even country, their love for pop music has helped them offer up some very original ear candy.

Lead vocalist, Tameca Jones, has been compared to Erykah Badu, Nikka Costa, Joss Stone, and Billie Holiday, but she has definitely left her own mark. Her lyrics are literary prizes by themselves, offering rich imagery and uplifting energy. Tameca Jones is one gifted entertainer. Not only will her vocals give you chill bumps, her banter will laugh you out of your seat.

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