Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rap-It-Up Tour - Travis County Expo Center - August 5, 2006

From the "it's not supposed to feel so good people", the Rap-It-Up Tour is comin' to the Travis County Expo Center on Aug. 5th with "Austin's #1 Selling Rapper", NOOK! (How do we confirm this claim?) The B-list artists include... Juvenile, E-40, Jon B, and Tyrese. ;) Presale tix are $20... get them at the Texas Box Office.

I hope they pass out condoms at this thing... my unopened box is getting pretty old... and for some reason I suspect my ex-girlfriend poked holes in them!

More info:

RAP-IT-UP is BET’s call to action, grassroots HIV/AIDS awareness campaign designed to address the epidemic in the African American community. RAP-IT-UP seeks to help African American youth and families protect against HIV/AIDS related illnesses and diminish the incidences of HIV/AIDS.

Rap It Up is the nations largest HIV/AIDS public education campaign reaching African Americans. In a recent national survey, more than nine in ten young African Americans (ages 18-24) recognized Rap It Up.

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