Monday, July 24, 2006

King James - The Parish - August 5, 2006

Haha... I love it... calling "King James is the Lenny Kravitz of Hip-Hop-Soul"... James Kinney, AKA King James, will be gracing the stage at The Parish with Mr. Blakes and DJ Kurupt on August 5th! Tix are $8... for Austin's own Lenny... that's not so bad... ;)

Man it's hot out there... go buy an A/C! For real! And drink them fluids. Oh yeah... and Go Tiger! Even if you did cry like a little baby... ;)

More info:

King James is an Icon in training. King James is a self-taught and self-motivated Singer-Songwriter-Musician-Entertainer. King James commands the stage with an international fan base and has performed 800 shows to date. King James collaborates with, and has shared the stage with artist such as: The Roots, DJ Logic, Jamie Cullum, and Ben Taylor to name a few. King James has three albums to be released in 2006. His project list includes: Its on you, The Incredibuls, and Lady Killers. King James is a fusion artist using elements of Hip-Hop, Soul, Latin and Dance hall to create energy and bring life to music. King James is a stellar songwriter with stunning melodic hooks and soulful vocals. MTV, The Grammy Awards and Midem global music conference in Cannes, France.

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