Thursday, March 30, 2006

Percee P - The Parish - March 30, 2006

Wow! A hip hop show for real will be coming to The Parish on Thursday! Video Trapped the Rapper Tour feature some of the best underground artists in the scene... artists include Percee P, Earatik Statik, Tableek, Asamov, Verbal Seed, Just Born and Notion. Also a viewing of "Culturama" an indie hip hop video anthology.

In an effort to bring awareness of true hip hop and the MC, VTTRT plays on the "Video Killed the Radio Star" slogan and expresses that true hip hop is becoming lost in today's mass produced artists.

Update: There's been a change in the show... looks like Percee P is no longer on the ticket... the new headlining artist will be Count Bass D.

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