Tuesday, March 21, 2006

B-Boy City 13 - Day 2 - Red Bull House - April 8, 2006

B-Boy City is one of the biggest b-boy events in the southern United States. Every March & October in Austin, TX, b-boys from all over Texas, the surrounding states, states across nation, and on occasion a few international locations come to compete and spectate. B-Boy City keeps the true competitive spirit of hip-hop alive by holding battles, for dancers, b-girls, poppers and dance crews. In recent times, B-Boy City's uniqueness has increasingly pulled in spectators from the other elements of hip-hop, such as emceeing, djing and graf writing.

april 8th, 2006

+ battle preliminaries
+ registration & qualifiers
+ showcase, vendors, artists, tradeshow

crew on crew
All Styles (2on2)
Poppin Lockin (2on2)
Mickey n' Mallory
emcee battle
dj battle

youngcity 1on1 Battle
Elementary & Junior High Level
Ages 6-13 Only

$20 per VIDEOcamera (only Day 2)
$20 Tickets

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