Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Getting restless... rumblings from the streets

The other day I saw this post via It's a message to the editors of the Austin Chronicle:

Dear Editor,
No disrespect but I don't see how the Chronicle can go week after week of not covering rap music. It's kind of funny to know that hip-hop music has some of the biggest albums every year but you wouldn't know that people listen to rap if you read the Chronicle. And I don't mean doing another feature on Overlord, Bavu Blakes, or some other UT co-op performer. There are real hip-hop Austin artists and producers with styles that are definitely street, groovy, and jumping. Your reporters just have to know who they are and where they at (and no you can't find them on Sixth Street). I have the scoop. I'm in the business because it's the music I love and I'm tired of Austin being overlooked by Houston when it comes to talent in the rap category. I sent my last CD in and even dropped one off personally for Christopher Gray and didn't get a call back, interview, nothing. And that's cool if the paper doesn't want to cover our music. But at least be up-front about it. Austin, "Live Music Capital of the World but No Urban Music."

Gabriel Williams

Just maybe we are on the right track...

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