Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Brannen Temple’s BLAZE, Bavu Blakes, D Madness, Soul Expression feat. Mirage - Flamingo Cantina - Oct. 22, 2005

Definitely worth checking out! At the Flamingo this Saturday, expose yourself to some of the local acts throwin' it down. Support the locals... especially in Austin... the music capital.

Here some info from the Flamingo:

A fantastic bill that pairs the most musically progressive combo Austin has to offer in BLAZE with its most prominent local MC, Bavu Blakes, as he launches a new live combo that I’ve heard smokes. This show would be best described as a progressive hiphop show. Two old school mcs with new live outfits bookend the best jazz group in austin. Ain't no better way to spend saturday night if you're into the funky stuff. Also worth mentioning: the one and only D-Madness is performing w/ Bavu.

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