Saturday, September 03, 2005


So I just wanted to throw a disclaimer out there since I will start writing some reviews. Music is very personal and subjective. Please do not take what I write seriously... most of the time I am full of shit. I am NOT a professional musician. I did play violin for about 5 years. I dabbled with the recorder, chimes, and some other stuff here and there. Currently my violin sits in the corner of my house collecting dust... and it's stringless. I am NOT an expert in the hip-hop scene. I believe that I know more than the average joe, but if I were in a trivia contest with Sway I would definitely lose. I do try to follow what is going on with the scene. Some of my favorite rappers are 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., Rakim, Nas, Common, Talib Kweli, Jay-Z, and Ludacris. I wonder if those qualifications are just as good as any others. So I throw my feelings, emotions, and personal views into these reviews in hopes that they are of some benefit to someone.

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